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The Adventures of Weeman, Flava Flav, K-Diddy, The Legend, Steve-O & K-Diddy's Brother



#28:   Mark Rolls Out Action Hero Style

Upon a routine drive back to chez Weeman; Weeman's ex-gf had a peculiar interest in examining his cell phone to check up and make sure her boy wasn't ordering too much takeout.
Weeman as was his due right.....did not want his privacy invaded; she didn't need to know that he had been on the phone booking them a romantic cruise!

Regardless - she turned into a devil woman and started to spazzzzzz, breathing flames and all.
This scared the shit out of young Mark and instead of dealing with the yelling crazy woman, he opened the back door and bailed out at 100KM/Hour!!!

****Note: This didn't really happen****

#27: Love Letters from Carl Wells

It was a regular afternoon just like any other; when Weeman and Mark decided to check their mail and see if they had gotten anything cool. was their day!
Inside both of their mail boxes were autographed photos of local weatherman and gay community heart-throb Carl Wells!!!!

Sadly, the boys later found out that Carl Wells really didn't love them; but that their old buddy Drover had planned to have the photos mailed out.....just to fuck with their mind!

#26: K-Diddy Meets the Doomsday Adonis

After graduating from MUN in May 2004 and not starting graduate school until after Christmas, K-Diddy had nothing on his hands but time.
So instead of sitting home and eating; he decided the gym would be the best bet.
So Diddy hit up the Aquarena every morning, but after a while he started to get lonely working out by himself and decided it couldn't hurt to head over to the Aquarena every now and again to meet up with Flava Flav, Weeman, his bro, and the Legend.

Only one problem.....Diddy wasn't a MUN student and thus wasn't really allowed in to the field house!
But being the rebel that he is - he continued to sneak past the employees and play ball and badminton and work out with his chums....all was good and no one was the wiser - he had fooled them all for months...until a fateful December day when a punk works employee named Adonis who was eating a souvlaki noticed K-Diddy without a wrist band!
But what makes this tale even more incredible is that K used to wear a Nike Sweat Band over his wrist to hide this fact.
Somehow Adonis had taken the gamble to question K-Diddy and he won!
K left the field house, finally defeated.
But he knows he will meet Adonis again!

#25: Girls Gone Wild

Once upon a time K-Diddy lost his marbles and agreed to move in with his ex-girlfriend.
Now of course, while most of the year at that Mount Pearl apartment was marked with fighting and cat poop, there were of course some good times.

One particular evening the happy couple threw a bash where the booze was flowing perhaps a little tooooo much.

K-Diddy's Ex who shall remain nameless and his buddy's gf (also nameless) were dared to make out and kiss in the living room for cash.

Being cash strapped university students Brista Konnell and Helanie Miscock decided "what the hell" and went at it.

The best part - the boys never paid up!