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The Adventures of Weeman, Flava Flav, K-Diddy, The Legend, Steve-O & K-Diddy's Brother



#24:  Wee McGee Goes Golfing

Now, who doesn't love Golf?
Well one beautiful summer day Weeman headed out to the links with K-Diddy, Flava Flav and Mark for a bit of fun.
Now to be honest Weeman hadn't golfed as much as the other 3 lads so he was having a small bit of trouble with it.
Anyway, the day of golf ends with K, Flav and Mark waiting patiently at the bottom of the final hole while Wee McGee rides down the hill in a golf cart with a 100 year old man hitting his little white ball 3 feet at a time.

#23: "Who Ordered The Girls Pizza?"

A wild night downtown for Flava Flav, Weeman, The Prince of Darkness, Mark and K-Diddy ended back at Drover's apartment where the famished crew obliged the time honoured tradition of ordering a 'man pizza' - basically only animals allowed for toppings!

We all eagerly awaited; well except for Wee who was outside in the rain having some crazy bitch break it off with him!!!!

Anyway, the pizza finally arrived and we couldn't wait to dig in!
We opened the box and.....WTF???
No meat????
A veggie pizza????
No Fuckin way man!!

Breaking the silence; Mark exclaims
"somewhere a group of girls are very unhappy with their man pizza"

End Result: We ate the damn thing anyway.

#22: Kurtis Becomes The King Of Pop

K-Diddy has held many a bash at his CBS Mansion over the years, but none was quite so interesting as the first bash that Flava Flav attended.
After drinking himself to quite the drunk state (anywhere from 2-4 beers)
K decided that it would be in his best interest to head out to the balcony and blast some Michael Jackson and moonwalk???
To celebrate this event Weeman bbq'd a hamburger to a lump of coal in a sacraficial ceremony.

#21: K-Diddy Meets A Lesbian

During our many trips to the local "gentleman's cabaret" we usually find ourselves in all kinds of fun and interesting situations.
But this night was sorta different.

After deciding that spending ungodly amounts of cash on strippers was getting him nowhere, K-Diddy decided that he needed a real woman.
So noticing a group of attractive girls at a table, he began to work his magic.
After a great 20 minute conversation, the object of his affection pulled him aside and with a sly smile....told him that she was a fact all the girls there were!
How dumb of K-Diddy not to notice!
But shit happens right.
Anyway, the girl ended up saying that she was a "recent lez" and gave him her number anyway.
Things never got off the ground though, much to my regret ;)