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The Adventures of Weeman, Flava Flav, K-Diddy, The Legend, Steve-O & K-Diddy's Brother



#20: Bobby Hill Leaves Mount Pearl

Halloween 2004 was a fun time for the gang.
A party at Nicole Ward's house ( A buddy of K-Diddy) was a good time for the boys as we got to have a few drinks and mingle with some fun people.
But of course the fun didn't really start until the party was near the end and the boys were chillin in the basement playing simpsons trivia with "The Remedy" and "Bobby Hill".

Of course Weeman, Flava, and Diddy were hungry at this late hour of the night, so we figured a trip to Pizza Experts on Kenmount Rd. was in order!
So feeling generous I offered to take Bobby Hill out for a night with the gang....but he wasn't really sure.
After fooling his mother into thinking he was staying in Mount Pearl, he bolted with us and left the city limits of Mount Pearl for what we thought was the first time in his life!
BUT.....once we got the Pizza Experts...the place was closing!
Luckily I knew the waitress working that night and she lets us stay there!
Bobby Hill thought Diddy and the Gang were Gods!
Not only had we gotten hom out of Mount Pearl, but we had kept a restaurant open for him.
It was a night he shall never forget!

19: "Ballad of Weeman" & Kurtis Gets Drunk in a Restaurant

It began like any other night.
The boys headed down to the breezeway to shoot the shit and down a few pitchers before Weeman joined them after work.
Diddy, Flava, Steve-O, A-Ross and Mallard were joined by a new comer named Josh.
Josh had just returned from working in Alberta and was eager to have a good time again on Da Rock!
So, we all got plastered at the Breezeway, especially Kurtis....famous for being a cheap drunk.
But like every time we drink....we got hungry and with the breezeway having no food available we headed to Don Cherrys!
A feast of epic proportions was prepared for us and by all accounts everyone seemed to enjoy it; although I couldn't really tell for sure as my face was literally buried in a plate of nachos.
But as drunk as I was....I did manage to unsuccessfully hit on the waitress ;)
So, eventually the bill comes, arriving around the same time as Weeman.
BUT...before we knew it....our drunken boy Josh had paid the entire bill --- well over a $100 and thus making it a great night!
Mad props to our boy Josh!

The Ballad of Weeman was also born this night as we drove around town drunk singing the now infamous song of Weeman out our windows at passing strangers!
Puke Boy - Barf
Sasquatch _ OOOOOO

18: What is That Dog Doing to That Pillow?

It was a tame weekend night and Drover and Kurtis didn't have many options.
But, Kurtis had been invited to a Canadian Tire party in Paradise and figured it couldn't hurt to attend.
So off went Diddy and Flav to check out the scene.
When we arrived the place was packed and everyone was having a good time.
We did our mingling and met everyone at the house including a large dog who was chillin in the living room.
The Dog was just relaxin and maxin but honestly he looked bored.
So I called him over and started to pat him down and play with him like ya would right?
So me and J are just playing with the dog and for no particular reason, I just toss a pillow at him to play with.
Anyway, this dog starts railin this pillow!
This was x-rated to the max; but it was halarious.
Making it even more funny this giant dog then starts to move around the house dry humping anyone and anything it could find!
Needless to say, it was funny shit!